Executive Search :
Sapwood Ventures is a Recruitment Solutions company committed to building world-class management teams for our esteemed clients. We provide relevant human capital in your junior, middle and top management cadres to enhance your competitive advantage.

Our Process :

Our key strength is our process which ensures that quality of service we provide is of the highest order and never compromised. Our process involves the following steps.

1. The Client’s Needs Assessment
Our engagements begin with through 'requirements gathering interactions' with the client. These include personal discussions, telecoms and e-mail exchanges. We validate our understanding of the requirements with the client before we proceed.

2. Position Specification
Re-confirming the specific selection criteria on all key parameters

3. Research and Candidate Identification
Our consultants systematically research professional networks and databases, including but not limited to our own, to source the right candidates matching the specifications. Real world profiles may sometimes differ from corporate descriptions of ‘ideal candidate’ and we source candidates using our HR intelligence - a clear understanding of the role to be performed and competencies essential beforehand.

4. Candidate Interviews, Evaluation, Selection
Rigorous follow ups to meet the interview schedules, and subsequent discussions on the offer and joining technicalities

5. Candidate Joining
Our close rapport with the candidate ensures that once selected the candidate completes the procedural requirements of detaching from the current assignment on time to begin a new chapter in his/her life and career

6. Client Feedback
We value long term relationships with our clients rather than one-off engagements. To this effect we try to constantly evaluate the appropriateness of candidates placed by us by following up at regular intervals to find out the satisfaction of the client with candidate performance. We use this feedback as learning for a continuous improvement process.

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