Noteworthy Achievements :

We know how to search for needles in haystacks to find the right candidate, no matter how difficult it is.

Task Given to Us
A client of ours in the educational sector had a vacancy for a CFO position. The challenge lay in the long list of specifications and certain clearly outlined parameters like years of experience in a certain sector. The whole career graph of the right candidate was plotted and given to us. It was like finding a candidate who existed in their dreams!

Role Played by Sapwood
Impossible though it may have seemed, one of our senior consultants was all the more determined to close this opening and she searched for the needle in the haystack, going through around 100 CVs to narrow down on the right one! Ultimately the opening was closed successfully by us.

We are undeterred even in situations where despite sending many CVs matching the CTC and job specifications, the client is unable to close the vacancy due to lack of clarity on who they really want.

Task Given to Us
One of our clients in the health sector was unable to close a middle level opening in accounts and finance. The candidates with the right kind of experience were either drawing more than CTC offered or if the CTC matched, they did not meet up with the expectations of the client.

Role Played by Sapwood
The client was relying heavily on Sapwood and the consultant in question did not disappoint! She was very persistent and kept lining up candidates one after the other, keeping in mind the specifications, till the client finally met the right candidate through us.

Our clients trust that Sapwood will never fail them as far as quality of candidates placed is concerned.

Task Given to Us
An MNC client in the consumer care business had a specific requirement for a sales position for their OTC business. The requirement required a candidate with a unique combination of premier MBA plus FMCG experience in sales and business development who would fit well into their OTC business. The client received CVs from other sources, but most of the candidates did not have any insight into the OTC business, which was the reason our client could not close the opening.

Role Played by Sapwood
One of our team leaders who was working on this opening understood that OTC domain knowledge was needed to close this opening. She gave the client just 3 quality candidates who not only came from premier institutions but understood the OTC business very well and ultimately succeeded in closing this difficult requirement.

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